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About Hubbard Supply Co.

Hubbard Supply Co. is a leading industrial supply and electronic component and equipment distributor, as well as an integrated supply program and information technology service provider. Founded in 1865, our long-standing reputation for product and service quality has remained solid as we have expanded to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Industrial Supply Distribution

Our ability to supply a broad variety of products is supported by our membership in the industrial supply co-operative Affiliated Distributors (A-D). The combined purchasing power of A-D distributors throughout North America allows Hubbard to compete with any national distributor price-to-price, while still providing our customers with the value-added services only available through locally owned distributors.

Industrial Electronic Component and Equipment Distribution

Hubbard Supply Co.'s electronic component and equipment distribution group continues to provide the finest electronics as it has for over 70 years. EDGE, an innovative industrial electronics network group of which we are a member, offers enhanced purchasing power that we share with our customers.

Integrated Supply Programs

From the most basic to highly sophisticated Integrated Supply Programs, Hubbard Supply Co. works in partnership with customers to design and implement customized programs that streamline industrial supply acquisition, procurement and usage and significantly enhance cost-savings.

Information Technology Services

NetWorks Group, a former division of Hubbard Supply, is an information technology company that provides information security and networking products and services to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies. NetWorks Group integrates best practices, skilled project management, and industry -leading vendor relationships to deliver an expert class of network and security solutions to its clients.

We can be contacted at:

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